Entry #10

A final cry for help...

2010-08-08 12:22:55 by TheNooch

So the animated advertisement is out, took about 3 weeks to finish. Hopefully some of those incredibly talented flash artists out there will see it and lend their abilities to our cause.

Anyway, if you're one such animator, get all the info about the NewGrounds Level Collab here.

Here's hoping this wasn't a massive waste of my time. "Oh but HeavyD, surely you had some fun making this and learned something from it". NO!!! You don't know anything about what I've been through so shut your stupid mouth!!!

A final cry for help...


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2010-08-08 13:32:59

Link don;t work.
I havn;t put some things up in a few years that iv made recently so send me a pm at runningwithscizz0rz@hotmail.com and ill send you a animation thats good so you can jugde

TheNooch responds:

sent you an e-mail


2010-08-08 17:04:08

wait the i dont get it do we just make some random fight scene and send it to u or wat plz give more info to me


2010-08-08 17:20:50

i dont know if tht email was valid can u send it to me on a ng message


2010-08-08 18:55:53

Oh but HeavyD, surely you had some fun making this and learned something from it

TheNooch responds:

Where have I heard this before?

I couldn't possibly convince YOU to join our collab... could I?


2010-08-08 20:44:49

sry for being such a bother but...

so what do we do in ur collab whos fighting is it just random r we fighting famous newgrounds characters or what

TheNooch responds:

I will send you a PM. And you're not a bother, don't worry about it.


2011-11-01 16:32:18